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Sing up Now To Create Your Own Profile,Then Choose From The Top left List Add Page(For Publishers,Exchange of Ads or Pages for sale section) Or Request Ad (for Advertisers Section).
-Please Provide Your Daily check Email When Sign Up, So We Can Reach You Easily When You Need Help.
- When You Add Page or Ad Request Try To Type More Of Keywords, It Will Help People Reach You And Find You Very Easy.
-For Advertisers who Did't Find What They Looking For Between The Registered Publishers Pages and Accounts Its Important To Add Your Ad Request,Some Publishers They Choose to Hide Their Pages and Accounts From The Search and There is Also Publishers Not Registered On The Website They Can See Your Ad Request and Contact You.
-To Pages And Accounts Owner Try To Type The Right Page or Account Name and Always Update Your Followers Numbers.
اضغط على حرف ال ع في اعلى اليسار لتحويل لغة الموقع الى العربيه.
There is Four Section in The Website As Below:
Advertisers Section:The Ad Request From Advertisers Looking for Publishers As per Their Needs and Conditions.
Publishers Section:The Registered Personal Pages and Accounts on Social Media With Their Own Plans and Condition's.
Exchange Of Ads:Registered Personal Pages and Accounts on Social Media With Their Own Plans and Condition's Of How To Exchange Ad Together.
Pages For Sale:To Sell or waiver Privet Pages and Accounts on Social Media To Other People Need It.
If You Have Already Registered Page On Any Of The Moshahdat Section and You Want To Add It To Another Sections,
Very Easy:
-Go To Your Profile Page, Click Edit On Top The Registered Page That You Want To Add it To Another Section .
-Choose Which Section You Want To Add The Page on It.
-Fill Out The Required Section Information.
-Click Save Button.
Now Your Page Will Appears on The Selected Sections.
No It Is Not Allowed To Search By Page Name or Account Username On, Unless The Page Owner Added The Page Name To The Keyword Then You Can Find It By Searching The Page Name.
No, Will Never Ask You To Provide Your Social Media Page Password.
Payment method Is Different Upon The Publisher Or Advertiser Needs as Per Bellow:
Free: Without Any Money Pay.
Cash: Amount Limited By The Publisher or Advertiser.
Donate: The Publisher ask To Donate for Any Charity and After The Advertiser Show The Donation Improve The Publisher Will Show The AD on His/Her Page or Account.
Recharge Card: The Advertiser Will Buy Recharge Card and Send The Card Number To The Publisher To Show The AD on His/Her Page or Account.
Each Publisher and Advertiser Have Their Own Role for Advertising Method As Per Bellow:
Post: The Publisher Will Show Picture or Video On The Page Or Account.
Story: The Publisher Will Show A Story on His/Her Page or Account.
Cover: The Publisher Will Cover an Event By Post or Story.
Sponsor: The Advertiser Will Sponsor The Page or Account For Limited Period.
If You are An Advertiser Looking For Social Media Publisher on,it is necessary to Boost and Ad request via Advertiser's Section if Your Search on The publisher's Section Didn't Match Your Needs for The Bellow Reasons:
- Your Ad Request will be seen by Every Visitors on the First Page of The Website.
- Publisher's Will Contact You From The Registered Publisher's on or from The Visitor if they are not Registered Yet, So Better to Include any Contact Information Via Your Ad Request.
- You Are the One Who Make The Deal By Adding Your Own Ad Role , Conditions and Price. Publisher's Can Take it or Leave it.
If You Don't Wish To Register and Show Your Real Account or Page Name You Can Hide it By Writing any Code, Characters or Numbers Rather Than Your Real Account or Page Name and When Someone Contact You Give him The Real Name for Your Account or Page, and To Let People Guarantee That You Own The Account or Page You Gave Them, Write The Same Code ,characters or Numbers in Your Account or Page Bio or Write it on a Comment from Your Account or Page at Any Post Belong to The Page or Account of The Person Contacting you